Diagnostic kit Adapter MPI-3 BRP SeaDoo Skidoo

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Diagnostic kit BRP intended to diagnose all vehicle models BRP (SeaDoo, SkiDoo, ATV, PWC,  4-TEC, E-TEC)

1. P/n 529036353: MPI-3CAN Adapter (Diagnosis of 4-TEC, E-TEC) .    

 This adapter is a basic.

One unit for the diagnosis of all modern vehicles BRP

 2.  DESS  (together with MPI-3),  recording keys 4-stroke).

 3.  P/n 710000851: Cable CAN (for connection of MPI-3 adapter to 4-TEC,  E-TEC vehicles).  

4.  P/n 529035904: Cable 2-Stroke (for connection DESS to carbureted vehicles).

5. DIUS Flasher 4.0- STOCK and Tunes  firmware.

6. Repair of bosch siemens blocks. adjustment of engine hours.


8.BUDS, BUDS2 License.

We are always ready t­o provide you with a ­new license for a per­iod You can choose the validity for 7 days,  1, 3, 6 months, 1, 2, 5 and 10 years BUDS2 of 3 days test Free, BUDS of 7 days test free.


Description of licenses:

1. Skidoo - diagnosis of snowmobiles.

2. Roadster - diagnosis of tricycles.

3. PWC Seadoo - diagnosis of personal watercraft + sport boats.

4. All Dealers keys (SkiDoo + SeaDoo + PWC + ATV + Roadster + SSV).

5. Megatech key (enhanced diagnostic mode) : includes All Dealers keys, Developer key, Engeneer key, Megatech key.


Megatech Key Features:

1. Changing of the VIN number, MODEL number.

2. Advanced settings.

3. View stories in hours, rather than percentage.

4. Enabling / Disabling DESS.

5. Change the key type without reprogramming (normal, learning, rental).

6. Clear the history of the blocks ECM, MPEM (history of substitutions).

7. Cleaning unit ECM, MPEM, CLUSTER “as new” (resetting the hours on 4-TEC Seadoo, up to 2010).

8. View more information blocks.

9. Installing Secure Code.

10. Edit curves for 2-Stroke vehicles and new E-TEC (Skidoo).


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